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Terms and conditions

Conditions of Loyalty Program are:

  • The Loyalty Program is due within one calendar year.
  • Each guest can join the program, when make reservation by telephone, through reservation department of Levant eco hotel, Hotel official website or checked in the hotel without a reservation.
  • To maintain the status (regardless the level of the program) the Loyal Guest should stay in the Hotel more than 5 days within one calendar year. Otherwise his discount card will be cancelled.
  • The discount is available for the guests who do not use special prices.
  • The discount is not available for bookings on Booking.com, Ostrovok.ru etc.
  • This program is personal, so the discount is not valid for guest who does not hold. Discount Card, except for married couples and children under 18. The discount extends no more than 2 rooms paid by the Loyal Guest in case staying in our hotel. Meanwhile the Loyal Guest receives the bonuses only for the room he is staying in.
  • The bonus of one night stay in our hotel is available only during European and Romantic seasons.


  1. Calendar year is a period from January, 1st till December, 31st of each year. Regardless the date of registration your bonuses will be calculated starting from January, 1st of the registration year.
  2. Free late check-out and early check-in according to Programm conditions are provided only if rooms are available.
  3. Late check-out and early check-in are provided with 50% of rack rate without Discount.
  4. The discount for additional room is provided under the following conditions:
  • Advance booking should be made with indication of the Discount Card number.
  • The Loyal Guest should stay in the Hotel.
  • Rooms availability.
  • Bonuses are accumulated only for the room where the Loyal Guest stays in.
  • After the bonus night is provided 10 nights are reduced from the guest account. Calculation will be continued with deduction of 10 nights.
  • Discount is valid only when the Loyal Guest shows Discount Card upon check-in.