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Eco services

Crimea Therapy: Climatic treatment all year round


Path of Health

Path of Health is an easy walk through Primorsky Park: seascape and park nature, marvelous green scape and bracing sea air. Recommended time for walking: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm. Do some exercises in our open-air gym and  find the map attached to see the right way. 



Menu of Your Health

Good mood is in healthy food! Levant Restaurant offers healthy eco-menu from natural Crimean products that nothing else becomes a perfect addition to your healthy stay in the hotel. Nourishing and healthy smoothies and freshes give energy and vitamins. But the most pleasant natural procedure is undoubtedly oxygen cocktail.


Healthy Sleep

Sleep is also an essential part of Crimea Therapy: Sweet Dream pillow menu helps to relax as all the pillows contain natural materials – cherry, buckwheat, mountain herbs. Aroma lamps as well help to correct your dreams with different effects of the oils.



Breath of Happiness

Maximum use of fresh air in Yalta in all seasons of the year was popularized by Doctor V.N. Dmitriev: “One should calculate not the hours spent on the open air, but the hours spent indoor – latest should be considered to be wasted time and even worse – time that harms”. Clear and fresh air is an advantage of our Hotel.


Solar Element

Panoramic windows of guest rooms in the Hotel are friendly opened to sun. They make your room an ideal place for sun bathing even in autumn, winter and spring.


Sea Energy

In every room of the Hotel the first thing you see when entering it is abound less seascape. Air in the hotel is saturated with aroma of the surf.



Sea laps at your feet – a private beach of the Hotel is an essential attribute of recreation on the Southern Coast of Crimea. For full complex of aqua therapy you can visit swimming pool in sanatorium KChF or Primorsky Park SPA center (right behind the hotel) with special discount.

Sea in winter is special: we offer a unique chance to meet danger our nature face to face, to feel beneficial influence of marine atmosphere, to feel yourself born again!