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Restaurant where you are listening to the sea…


Levant Restaurant in the center of Primorsky Park in Yalta proposes an inimitable comfort of the main hall and shady freshness of the terrace with unforgettable view of Yalta coast and seascape when the waves are swashing almost at your feet, you hear remote cry of seagulls, and a beautiful Crimean seashell is shining on your table.


A restaurant by the sea should be harmonious and propose to its guests the most various choice of interesting dishes for the most exacting tastes. That is why the team of Levant Restaurant has selected the menu in the way to rejoice the guests by unforgettable tastes, quality of the freshest food, as well as by classic dishes and specialties from the chef.


Special Barbeque Menu will gladden those who like aromatic grilled dishes.


For guests who take peculiar care about their health and beauty we propose Eco Menu with big choice of fresh juices and smoothies.


Little guests of the Restaurant will happily regale themselves with dishes from Children Menu.


And sincere smile of your waiter will become a small bonus to a good rest in Levant Restaurant.


For your convenience, we present an introductory eco-menu, BBQ menu and the main menu of Levant Restaurant available for download.




Eco Menu

Мангал меню


Barbeque Menu



Main Menu